Always, Forever And In Any Lifetime! -Mr.&Mrs. X’s Romantic Love Story

In the world today, millennials, especially the female folks care less when it comes to “shooting their shot”. It is believed that as women go for success, money, fame and everything they want, going for the kind of man they want should not be an exemption.

Although, there are women who do not belong to this school of thought, Cynthia isn’t one of them. She saw what she wanted, she went for it, and it turned out great. 26th of July 2020, Cynthia walked down the aisle with her heart-rob, DjXtacee.

See what she said on her Instagram page;

I married my best friend today!
June 3, 2011. I walked into the club, and I saw you. I couldn’t get my eyes off you all night, so I stole glances every chance I got. 😂🤣😍⁣
And when you stood up to leave, my heart broke for some reason; and I knew I couldn’t let you leave like that. ⁣
So I asked around for your name. And the next morning, “hustled” for your BBM pin before I left for uni. 🙈⁣
1 day later, we became (BBM) friends.⁣
In 2 months, we met face-to-face. ⁣
A year after that, I knew you were the one I wanted to laugh all my laughs, cry all my cries, and celebrate all my wins with.⁣
Today, you’re my husband. And I still feel the same way I felt that night I first saw you.⁣
I love you DJ X. Always, forever, and in any lifetime.”

Sometimes, it is not about who initiated the journey to happily ever after but how the course is handled to ensure safe arrival at predestined location.

DjXtacee on the other hand wrote this on his Instagram page;

“Ladies and gentlemen, meet my wife.⁣
My motivation. My backbone. My number one fan. ⁣
She lights up my darkness.⁣
We’ve been on this amazing journey for so long and this union is the best step I’ve taken.⁣
I told her back in 2016 that it was me and her for life. Well look at us now. ⁣
I love you my summer ❤”

Love indeed is an enjoyable thing, especially when it’s with the right person.

BRIDE: thecindyn

GROOM: Djxtacee

PHOTOGRAPHY: kefellerstudios