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Annette And Yolo Met At A Concert And Are Now Dancing To The Tunes Of Love As They Happily Tie The Knot In A White Wedding

Annette and Yolo met 5 years ago when they went for a concert. Now, they are dancing to the tunes of love as they happily tie the knot in a white wedding.

Annette Yolo Wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria

Annette made a beautiful bride and Yolo made a dapper groom.

Enjoy their wedding photos.

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Here’s how they met, as shared by Annette :

Yolo and I met about 5 years ago when I moved to Portland for uni. My brother was trying to make my move as smooth as possible so he got me tickets to a Davido concert and we went with some of his friends. Yolo also happened to be there with his guys.

As the night went on, several guys tried to talk to me but my brother would always get in the way, some went to ask about me but he and his friend would tell them not to dare think about it.

I left the venue to go to the car and lowkey, I was hoping someone would approach me when they saw me walking alone. As I got back into the venue, lo and behold, this guy grabbed my hand and started asking me if we had met before. In my head I’m like oga I literally just moved here, I don’t know anyone. After a meaningless conversation of me telling him he did not know me, he asked for my contact.

To be honest, I had no idea how he looked because the place was dark but I have always had thing for well-spoken guys so I gave him my contact. Long story short, we talked for about 6 months before we made it official.

Since then, Yolo has been such a rock in my life. A little about us. Yolo and I are very much into health and fitness but we are also huge on trying out new restaurants. Yolo is a bit of a tech bro and I on the other hand am very much into content creation (TikTok). We are both Christian and continue to work on our faith every day.

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