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    The Leap Year Wedding! Babatunde Abiola And Yetunde Olaitan Make Headlines For Their Special Day

    As every marriage is unique, so is the story behind every wedding and the marriage. The latest couple Babatunde Abiola and Yetunde Olaitan’s choice to get married on the 29th of February is not the only unique and special thing about them but their names too.
    Analysing their names from Yoruba Language, a child is usually named Babatunde if he is born after the father figure in the family dies, be it the baby’s father, his grandfather or great-grandfather, as the case may be. Yetunde, on the other hand, is the name given to a female child who is born after the death of a mother figure in a family, be it the child’s mother, grandmother or great grandmother. See this coincidence blend into fine smooth love, isn’t that great?

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    Coming back to the Leap year wedding, Babatunde and Yetunde had both decided to wed on a special day because they are special. They knew 29th of February comes once in 4-years which makes it so unique and so, they decide to say Yes to Forever on that day! According to them, they didn’t want a celebration that would come just any time and love the fact that their anniversary will be celebrated every four years.

    In an interview, they reveal how they met, proposed and accepted marriage proposal, chose the unique date and many more. Catch up with them below as they get married today.

    What do you like about her that caught your attention?
    Babatunde: She is a good cook. She is an African woman when it comes to cooking. She is beautiful. She is supportive, loving and caring.
    What do you find interesting about him?
    Yetunde: I like his personality. He is cool, caring and supportive. He is also handsome.
    Did she play hard-to-get?
    Babatunde: She did a little, but she was trying to take her time to be convinced before accepting my proposal.
    Is that true?
    Yetunde: We had not really known each other at that time and I was also a student at the Kwara State University, Ilorin, while he was in Ibadan. We used to communicate only on the phone and I didn’t know much about him and couldn’t have agreed to date him immediately.

    How did you meet?
    Babatunde: I met her at the church we attend together – Christ Apostolic Church, Agbala Itura, Ibadan. It was in 2016, after my National Youth Service Corps programme. But I knew her personally during a programme for singles organised by the church. It was after that programme that we got talking. It just happened miraculously; it was not planned.
    Yetunde: We belong to the same church unit but weren’t close. But we met each other after the singles’ programme and talked and the whole thing (relationship) started from there.
    At what point did you propose to her?
    Babatunde: I did that on January 3, 2017. I was spiritually convinced. I confirmed that she was someone I could be with. My spirit works with hers and I didn’t need any prophet to tell me whether she was the right person or not.
    What was the first thing that came to your mind when he proposed to you?
    Yetunde: When he proposed to me, I was surprised but I accepted it. I was not expecting it that day but I was excited. As a Christian, I prayed about it and saw the attributes I longed for in a man in him. So, I had the personal conviction to accept him, since we can work together. Before he proposed to me, I had planned to get married this year, but I did not know the month or date.

    Your wedding is scheduled to hold on February 29 (today). Were you aware that the date fell in a leap before you chose it?
    Babatunde: Yes, I was aware.
    Why did you choose to have your wedding on February 29?
    Babatunde: We wanted a special day and not a normal day for our celebration. We didn’t want a celebration that would come just any time. So, our anniversary will be celebrated every four years, though we might celebrate our wedding anniversary on February 28, when it is not a leap year. But our wedding anniversary will be officially celebrated on February 29. We would feel refreshed in a unique way. I plan to celebrate our anniversary in Europe, probably in the United Kingdom. I would like to experience something different from what I have had in Nigeria.
    Is that the same reason for you?
    Yetunde: It is the same reason for me. It is a unique day for us. I am very sure we would have made adequate preparations by the time our anniversary comes and we would be eager to mark it. I hope we would be in a better location when the time comes and that I would have experienced a boom in my business.

    How did your families react when they learnt your wedding fell in a leap year?
    Babatunde: Actually, we didn’t arrive at the date alone – the two families agreed on that date and were very happy with it.
    What was the impression your friends had when you told them about the date?
    Yetunde: None of them said anything against the date. Besides, it was my personal decision. Some of them asked me whether I was sure of the date I picked and I told them I was.
    Would you also love to have a child in the leap year?
    Babatunde: Ah! Man proposes but God disposes. God knows all things but I always like doing things in a unique way. If God says that is how it is going to be, we will be okay with it.
    Should Nigerians expect a child this year?
    Yetunde: Anything God wants is okay by me. I cannot dictate to God. But I would definitely like to have a child born on a leap day. There are children born on leap days who are living their lives, not minding whether their birthdays come every four years.
    How much support did you receive for the wedding?
    Yetunde: We thank God. It was not easy but God has been there for us. He has also been using people to support us.
    How does it feel when people describe you and your husband leap day couple?
    Yetunde: It feels good. It makes us feel special.

    How would you like to have your honeymoon?
    Yetunde: For my honeymoon, I would like to be in a quiet place where my husband and I would switch off our phones and be together.
    Do you agree with her?
    Babatunde: Switching of our phones might not happen. But I agree with every other part. I am working towards that.
    When your wife knew you were a farmer, did she express doubt that you could take care of her?
    Babatunde: Well, when we met, I had not joined the N-Power programme. I was into one or two business activities. So, it was not like she met something good. Everything started with love, not looking at the present. We believe the future will be bright. That was why I described her as my helper and backbone. I am thankful she is not looking at what I have now but at my potential.
    Many women love marry a man that has the financial capacity to take care of them. Why do you think your case is different?
    Yetunde: When a lady sees that a man she loves is hard-working, she should support him. For me, my husband is everything I want in a man and I believe we have a bright future together. I just have to help him get to that bright future on time.

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