Beautiful! Check Out These 4 Gorgeous Edo Bride Hairspiration

Today, we walk you down to the South South region of Nigeria, where we have our absolutely beautiful Edo brides. Famous for their beadwork and clothing. We however would not be examining their bead works today, rather we would be looking at their highly elaborate hairstyles. 

The Edo brides hair is the most important part of their look, i mean, look at the regal beautiful hairstyle we have here. Traditionally, Edo brides make their hair into a high bun known as the Eto-Okuku, which is created with the help of a black hair gel. Hair extensions are most times added, to give off that stunning effect. After which coral beads are then sewn into the hair to form a crown called Okuku. Viola! Edo Bridal hair style is complete. Hope you were hairspired 

Photo Credit: Getty