Nina And Miracle Makeup During Private Hangout In Ghana

Nina and Miracle get back together in Ghana

Nina and Miracle have finally made up in a private hangout in Ghana. This is coming after the Big Brother Reality Show winner Miracle Ikechukwu took to his social media to announce the non-existence of a romantic relationship between himself and fellow housemate Nina Onyenobi. This caused a lot of Uproar on social media as fans were bitter at the “nasty” comment made by the reality tv star. About a month later, the two “love birds” have been seen on social media flaunting their new-found interests in each other, as Nina took to her social media page to announce their reunion and also apologize for the comment her made earlier on. reactions trailing this stunt have proved that the two of them are meant for each other, however the news hasn’t gathered a little storm as Nina’s help and partner in the beauty industry; Tiannah, is said to have unfollowed the tv star.
Photo Credit: Getty