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    Five Romantic Destinations To Consider For Your Dream Wedding

    Did you just get engaged? Congratulations on this next exciting stage of your life.

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    Weddings can be overrated and to be honest, sometimes you just want a small soiree with close family and friends as you kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a vacay all in one.

    Or better yet, elope with your fiancé and come back with a new title. But if only it were that simple.

    If you want to soak in some sun, experience some local culture and ogle at historical architecture in the hope of adding some adventure to your wedding, you are definitely a ripe candidate for a destination wedding.

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    And here is the thing, it doesn’t have to mean hours of travel, hundreds of guests or a hefty wedding budget if you do it right.

    You however must do your research on where you want your nuptials to take place, marriage legalities in that country, the weather and the planning process to ensure all goes seamlessly well.thestarz2021 Zara Bala Bauchi State Governors Daughter And Husband Malah Sheriff Release Stunning Pre wedding Photos 0 kokobrides

    That said, here are some destinations worth your consideration for that big day:

    • France

    Let me guess, the first place that came to your mind was Paris and I don’t blame you. The city of love as it is commonly referred to as is every bride’s dream destination.

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    With amazing sites and hotels, you can find all-inclusive packages that cater to all your wedding needs within your budget.

    And don’t just be limited to Paris, there are endless locations with elegant chateau’s surrounded by vast acres of beautiful vineyards.baayinfinito Bamitale And Abayomi Have Gone From Facebook To Forever Pre wedding Shoot kokobrides

    • Jamaica

    Besides its magnificent coastlines, palm trees and breathtaking resorts this Caribbean country has so much to offer.

    It’s rich in culture, amazing food and friendly locals who are always willing to offer a helping hand. You can choose a hotel that offers wedding packages at an affordable rate or go luxurious with private villas that come complete with private chefs, security and housekeeping.ebowonthecharlottery Ebo And Charlotte White Wedding Brings Fairytales To Life KOKOBRIDES29

    • Thailand

    The flight may be long depending on the part of the world you’re coming from but the beautiful beaches and fascinating cities like Bangkok, this Asian country is worth every penny.

    Their ornate palaces, tasty cuisine and luxe resorts are unrivaled. You however must factor in the heat and humidity and perhaps go during the cooler months of November, December and January.Tips To Consider When Picking Your Wedding Aso Ebi 33 kokobrodes

    • South Africa

    Despite its challenges, this vibrant African country has breathtaking destinations like no other country in the world. From the stunning countryside with vineyards, white sandy beaches, towering mountains and stunning landscapes, this is the perfect getaway.

    Adventurous couples and their guests will have more than enough to keep them occupied. This ideal destination brings dream wedding and affordability in one. Whatever you want you can get it at an affordable rate.ESmerger21 Ebun Seuns White Wedding Left Us With Aww Worthy Moments 123 kokobrides

    • Spain

    If you’re looking for the old-world charm kind of setting, think Spain. Take this for instance, one of the oldest cathedrals in Santiago de Compostela is a stunning place you can hold a memorable ceremony in. But be warned, the waiting list can be long.

    Your guests will enjoy breathtaking architecture from medieval courtyards, grand Andalusian palaces to some of the most amazing haciendas your eyes will ever see.

    Fresh delicacies, sangria and dance will top the icing of your wedding cake as you toast with the best champagne made by connoisseurs from the local vineyards.

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