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    7 Steps To Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

    Planning a proposal can be a tough challenge: It is, after all, one of the most significant events in your and your future spouse’s lives.


    Here are some of our top recommendations for preparing a memorable proposal, whether you’re just starting to think about proposing or already have the ring stored away. Putting together a proposal can be a difficult task after all, it’s one of life’s most crucial occasions in your life.

    Should it be a surprise: Knowing what your girlfriend taste and style is for a proposal; would they love a showy public proposal in front of family or friends or would they want it to be private; another thing you might want to consider is whether your girlfriend is from a traditional family in which case where you will need to speak to her father first. So knowing your bride to be is crucial and talking about these things together beforehand can be helpful in planning a perfect proposal:

    Maldives Is The Perfect Love Destination KOKOBRIDES 34Have you bought the ring: Have you bought the ring? Is the ring something she would like and is it her style? maybe its past from generations and very important to you and your family and now you want to pass it down to you spouse to be. Think back hard about when your girlfriend has showed you rings is it similar to the one she wanted.

    Where should you propose: Should your proposal be in the location you’re staying at or will you want to whisk them away for a special romantic place in both lives; this could be anywhere in world where the proposal could take place; it could be a location where the place symbolises something to both or if its a dream destination:

    George And Sandras Outdoor Pre wedding Shoot Is Giving Us All The Feels 18 KOKOBRIDES

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    Should the proposal be public or private: Should the proposal be public or private. is it somewhere where both will be themselves and ok with. will you and your bride want or like unnecessary attention? will it being private give you the chance to just focus on the special lady in your life, or it being public will it affect on how you will act and being true to yourself:

    How will you Pop the big question: How will you ask the question is important to think about because you do not want it to be messy or ruined; so practicing beforehand is a great way to start. Will you just ask or will you have help from friends and family? Will they hold a signs up that says “Will you Marry Me?” or will you write a poem or will you sing a song?

    Sam And Sades Love Story Started From An Instagram DM SOinlove2022 KOKOBRIDESPublic or Private photographer: Photographer helps you capture that one special moments in both of your lives without drawing attention; it lets you cherish moments forever; it lets your future children see that day through photos; so making sure you have a great photographer for your special day is important. Is your bride to be a private person? will the photos be private? will she mind it to go public on social media.

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    What should you plan after the proposal: Having a plan after the proposal makes it even more special because it is a big celebration for both spouse. What do you want to do after the proposal? will you whisk her away for a vacation. What if she has said no? what would the plan be then?
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