Thursday, July 18, 2024

    Inside Kat Von D’s Red Themed Wedding Ceremony

    Kat Von D BRIDES NG 7

    American tattoo artist, television personality and model, Katherine von Drachenberg, better known as Kat Von D got married over the weekend to Mexican author and musician, Rafael Reyes in a red themed wedding ceremony in Los Angeles.
    Kat Von D BRIDES NG
    36-year-old Kat wore a red wedding dress with horns for her gothic-style ceremony. Her look featured red veil, bright red lipstick and red nail colour. The guest at the wedding also dressed in red and black while the groom on the other hand wore a full black gothic-style suit.
    Kat Von D BRIDES NG 6
    Kat Von D BRIDES NG 4
    Kat Von D BRIDES NG 3
    Kat Von D BRIDES NG 2
    Kat Von D BRIDES NG 5
    Photo Credit: Getty

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