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    8 Red Flags To Look Out For When Meeting Someone For The First Time

    It’s usually exciting when you are meeting someone for the first time. At the same time, it can feel nerve-wracking when you go out on your first date. However, to determine whether or not to continue with this person, there are things to watch out for. Some signs are red flags, meaning, a second date is a NO.

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    Below are some red flags to look out for:

    1. Check your date’s manners

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    If your date is rude to other people, this is a red flag. Even if they are not rude to you on the first date, the fact that they are rude to other people indicates that they might be rude to you later.

    2. Be wary of any sign that indicates your date is engaged or married

    Safety Tips For A First Date KOKOBRIDES9

    When you are on a date, it is not a good sign that your partner is constantly checking or using their phone, instead they should be focused on you.

    Such things as answering calls or chatting during a date, indicates that there is someone else out there.

    3. Take care if your date informs you of how he likes his woman to be


    The implication here is that, you would either conform to his standard or you would make no grade. Nothing says “controlling” more than this demand. This is one red flag you should pay attention to.

    4. Beware of any attitude or joking comments about yourself


    This type of talk indicates that your date finds it interesting to picking on you in order for them to feel better

    Another red flag is the guy who puts all women and men into some sort of generalized “bad person” basket. Not only does the need to generalize give reason for caution but such broad scale moralizing can be a sign of actually disliking the gender being picked on, which may well mean you too.

    5. Don’t get involved with someone who is always full of negativity
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    For this person, the world is always upside down, and whenever things go wrong, it is someone’s fault. It is difficult to be on an even keel around this sort of person and it if you are not careful, it can bring you down. This is a big red flag.
    6. Steer clear of one who likes to talk only about himself
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    If your date is interested in talking about only himself, then he is probably not interested in you. This person is likely to stay this way.
    He would always want to be the center of attention, unwilling to listen to you and possibly even lacking empathy or consideration for others.
    7. Watch out if he keeps bringing up his ex during conversations
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    If your date keeps bringing up his ex, it won’t be long before comparison between you and his ex takes place.
    In such case, it is either this person is not over the ex or there is a lot of anger that is yet to be resolved. You can’t change someone who is fixated and you need someone who is focused on you.
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    Notice the signs of a someone who needs desperately to be better, stronger, wittier or even noisier than you.
    If your date insists on winning every game, outwitting you at every turn and talking over you whenever you try to say something interesting, you may be facing someone who is incredibly competitive.

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