Seven Exquisite Ways To Style Your Wedding Party In 2022

In recent years there has been a great style revolution taking place all over the world. People have embraced the art of expressing themselves through fashion and that same energy is being accepted even when it comes to weddings.

Modern weddings are a whole experience especially when it comes to the choice of style for the wedding party. It’s not only a chance to witness a beautiful marriage but also a time to bring out your style preferences.

There are so many ways you can choose to style your wedding party without having to stick to the old school rules.

Here are some fabulous ideas you can try more so as we hit 2022.

Monochrome mix: For a long time, everyone knew what to expect when it came to the bridal party. There was always one colour that matches the decor or theme of the wedding and the story ends there.

A new way of reviving this concept is to choose one colour but have your party wear different hues and tones. You’ll still have some coordination but in a reinvented way. You can decide how far you want the shades to be while maintaining a visual flow.

Unique designs: Wedding party styles that pushed the fashion boundaries more included dresses with different cutout designs, varying necklines, a mix of sleeved and sleeveless designs along with other ‘safe’ styles.

This time round, try and expand your style vision a little more with completely new designs. Think jumpsuits, stylish pants and elegant suits. This will accommodate those that don’t like to wear dresses because they will have a chance to enjoy the party without feeling like they’ve been forced to wear something they’re not comfortable with.

Even when you choose the same colour throughout, there is a touch of uniqueness with these cool designs.

Have interesting prints: Prints always bring a touch of joy to any outfit. They can instantly give your party a refreshed, colourful look to match the mood of the day.

There are thousands of prints to choose from whether you want floral prints, African designs or subtly patterned fabrics. If you still want a flow, you can have the same print, different colours or different prints with a common shade.

Play around with patterns you like and have fun with it!

Focus on the accessories:
You can turn the wedding party into a whole avant-garde fashion event through accessories. You can order some crazy headpieces, interesting hair clips and pins or even have custom made African inspired jewelry.

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You’ll be able to experiment with completely new concepts and have a fabulously styled wedding party without trying too hard.

Have a quirky theme: Weddings are not meant to be taken too seriously. There are moments where you need to respect the ceremony but generally, it’s about having a good time. If you’re someone who enjoys quirky styles that reflect your bubbly personality, incorporate that into the wedding party style.

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Find a way to let your personality shine through the outfits or accessories. Although quirk is a little risky for a wedding, it’s totally possible to include it in a classy way.

This is where the expertise of a wedding planner may come in handy. He or she will be able to guide you on the right approach with regards to this out of the box theme.

Blend in with the venue: Choosing colours that match the location and venue is a great way to bring out style. You could be having your wedding by the beachside and decide to wear colours that blend in perfectly with the environment like turquoise. Similarly, a garden wedding could look good with earth tones like burnt orange, cloudy sky etc.

Allow the venue to speak to you and complement it with the right shades.

Combine pastels with a pop of colour: Pastel colours are trending right now. They’re soft and add a gentle touch to your wedding theme.

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Although they are a great choice, they can fall on the dull side. Add a pop of colour with accessories to give your pastel pallet a colourful boost.

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