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    Single or Married: 5 Reasons Why She Might Choose To Stay Single

    Most people love being unattached and alone which makes them want to be single rather than be in a relationship. Such people find that being out of a relationship and being single allows them to discover themselves, their freedom and have independence.


    Often people believe that the idea of a marriage allows you to be dependent on a partner.

    Here are 5 reasons why she might choose to stay single:

    Relationships Demand Work:

    Being in a relationship requires work. You have to invest more energy and time into each other. She might not necessary have time for date nights, patience and tolerance and because of this she chooses to stay single.

    DATING KOKOTV1 1Bad Experiences: Previous bad experiences can make her have a strong negative feeling and views about relationships. She might have been hurt before and because of this she’s scared of situations like a break up happening all over again.

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    Low self-esteem: Living with low self-esteem can harm your mental health and often leads to depression and anxiety. Social anxiety may be the reason she chooses to stay single because she may want to avoid interactions. Some people with poor confidence choose to stay single, want to be alone and not mix with people because going out on dates and meeting new people can be difficult for them.DATING KOKOTV7Read Also: This Luxe Italian-American Garden Wedding Is All The Stunning Wedding Setting You Need To See Today!

    Time: Relationships needs and takes time. She might necessary not have enough time to share her life with any other person. Making time to communicate with your partner and having time for things like date night will show you care and helps you to avoid conflicts in the future, but for some this is a big ask.

    Trusting Others: Trusting others might be difficult for her. Trust is important as it lets both individuals to feel safe and to be fully accepted, and free expression leads to deeper connection and a better understanding of you and your partner.DATING KOKOTV6Photo Credit: Getty

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