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    The Groom’s Guide: 10 Traditional Role Of A Groom

    In wedding planning and the wedding ceremony, many believe that a groom has little to no responsibility at all for his big day as many activities are not focused around him and it is more about the bride. It is also a popular opinion that all a groom does is fund the wedding and deal with his bridezilla but we believe that the groom has a huge responsibility on his shoulder and we would be sharing it with you.

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    From planning to the big day and post-wedding the groom has a number of roles and responsibilities expected of him.
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    Share your ideas and be part of the planning process 
    Many times most grooms claim they have no idea about a wedding and planning but you can read up on one before you start the process so you can contribute and show support to your bride. It’s your wedding together, so it’s important you feel empowered to speak up about what you do and don’t want on your day. Feel confident in giving your input about a venue, caterer, band, or any other decision.

    House Of Koch Renaissance Man Collection Has Something For Every Groom 09 KOKOBRIDESProvide information about your family needs, guests for the wedding 
    You understand your family member more than anyone else in the room so you can adequately communicate their needs, requirements for the wedding. Also, provide information about guests from your side to the planner or your bride.
    Go shopping for your attire 
    Pick out your attire on time and don’t wait last minute to find a dashing suit that suits your persona. I know its a simple suit and blazer but you should start on time so you would find what you like.
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    Write your wedding vow
    If you are not stcking to traditional wedding vows then write your own on time making sure that you speak from your heart and it evokes all the right emotions melting hearts and bringing smiles to faces.
    groomsman koko brides.webp 8Attend your wedding rehersal
    Wedding rehersals are prep before the big day showing all you will need to do and how to. If there is a special act on your wedding day rehearse it there and see how it turns out.
    groomsman koko brides.webp 3Don’t show up drunk and tired your wedding morning
    Many times most grooms are knocked out on their wedding day after a great bachelor’s eve and the brides hate this so avoid this at all cost and show up looking really sharp. Get ready on time! be dressed and ready by the time.
    groomsman koko brides.webp 2.jpg3Manage drama from your family and friends 
    You understand your family member more than anyone else in the room so you are in the best position to manage any drama from them on your wedding day. You should speak to them before the day ensuring that every griveance has been settled, questions answered.
    groomsman koko brides.webp 8.jpg 0Take care of your groomsmen
    Your guys are here to support you as you get married to the love of your life and so do your best to ensure they are well taken care of. From their hospitality to feeding and any other needs they may have. You could get a member of your family to handle this or speak to the planner.
    groomsmen17 Brides NGWrite your thank you note/ speech
    After the wedding you will be required to send a thank you note to friends, guest and family members for their contribution and in more recent times social media. Sometimes you give the speech at the wedding so write one down and reharse it before the big day and if you are doing that after the wedding pen down a heartfelt vote of thanks, thank you note showing your appreciation and gratitude.
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    Have fun

    Drink up, dance and have a good time and make sure you enjoy every monent of this day. No matter the issue don’t let anything spoil your mood or ruin your fun, manage all issues the best way that you can.
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