The Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Is Definitely The Right HoneyMoon Spot For 2020.

Phu Quoc

So, you’ve proposed; you’ve said yes to the proposal and the wedding plans are underway. Congratulations. You’ve got a special place in the heart of all of us at Brides NG. We wish you the best.

However, saying yes is just one out of the many things you should enjoy in your marriage. One of them is the honeymoon. We know also that you are spoilt for choice on where to spend this time of your married life. Please, do allow us make a suggestion for you. Let’s give you a wonderful location to spend this time.

One beautiful location to spend your honeymoon is in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. The island is notable for its sunset and ideal beaches. The island also boasts of fine weather, with an average temperature of around 27°C, with the hottest month being April, Phu Quoc is comfortable all year-round warmth for heat-seekers.

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The marine or aquatic life, if you please is second to none.  The island houses 108 species of corals, 135 species of coral reef fish and 132 different types of mollusks, as well as fishes and marine mammals in its surrounding waters.

The island also has some of the best restaurants and bars and you will love them. We bet you a fun-filled honeymoon. You’ll be glad you went to Phu Quoc. Its a beautiful place.

Photo credit: Instagram