They Both Didn’t Want To Go On The Boat Cruise, What They Found Afterwards Was Undying Love!

They met at the place they least expected to find love and they did. When we stumbled on their story, we thought to ourselves that, what would have happened to their love story if one or both of them decided not to go on the boat cruise? Well, we are sure cupid would have found a way to unite them. Their love story is so relatable and amazing, read their love story and how Afolabi proposed as shared by Leslie below…

We met at a mutual friends birthday party. It was a boat cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida. It is funny because none of us wanted to go and we both ended up being there and that’s where we met each other. I didn’t notice Afolabi immediately until I sat down for dinner.

He walked by and I asked him to sit with me. We ended up having an interesting conversation about him being a pilot and the aviation industry. Then he proceeded to tell me he could sing and when he did, his voice horrible. We laughed about it and the rest is pretty much history.

On how he proposed Leslie shared that: Our proposal was in Lagos at the RED restaurant in Eko Hotel. It was just us two and it was perfect. The ring was perfect. Shout out to our proposal planner Moni @mosmerize_ng for helping put this precious moment together.

Photo Credit: zoomworx