10 Modern Isi-agu Trends Couples Have Jumped On In Recent Times

Isi-agu is a traditional fabric synonymous with the Igbo culture of Nigeria and over the years people from this tribe have slayed this fabric to perfection for their wedding ceremonies. 

10 Modern Isi-agu Trends Couples Have Jumped On In Recent TimesThe Isi-Agu means Leopard Head is a printed fabric with a Lion or Leopard motif and symbol on it. Over the years the motif has been replaced with the image of a Lion because it is said in Igbo that “Odum na egbu agu” means a lion kills a leopard. The fabric has gone through a very interesting evolution with designers and couples bringing a new twist and infusing interesting sides to it to give it a new meaning.

Couples in the last few years couples have trusted their creative instinct to create more out of the fabric with jaw-dropping styles. Brides and grooms have taken things a notch higher as the fabric is now been sewn to be worn for their white wedding ceremony ditching the traditional white wedding dress and a classic suit for grooms.
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To our dear Igbo brides as you prepare for your traditional wedding ceremony or your white wedding here are a few modern Isi-agu trends couples have slayed to perfection for their big day. Find unique pieces and save ahead of your big day.

Photo Credit: Instagram