10 Tips To Help You Slay As A Muslim Bride

Muslim brides are not your regular brides with a strong focus on modesty and covering up looking their best for their Nikkah ceremony. Over the years modest fashion has evolved and this has also impacted the bridal fashion of Muslim women. Muslimah’s are pushing the envelope and are going all out to look stunning, alluring, and fashionable for their wedding while maintaining their modesty.

10 Tips To Help You Slay As A Muslim Bride We have spent a lot of time teaching and guiding Muslim brides on how to look good for their Nikkah ceremony from style inspirations to Hijab and turban styles perfect for their wedding ceremony. Today we share with our incredible modest bride’s tips that will guide them to achieve the overall slay for their wedding while still ticking all the boxes.
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  1. Define your style 
    Modesty is the core of your style but regardless you can either choose to be minimalist or glamourous. Your personal style is very core to this point as there are questions that decide what your style is and how it would play out.
  2. Colour
    When opting for a traditional white dress, it’s very important to find a hijab/turban color that complements the dress. It is not mandatory for Muslimah brides to wear white but many choose this color or an off-white shade that comes close.
  3. Start Shopping early
    As a modest bride finding a dress that works on time might be very difficult so start shopping early to find a wide range of options that work for you.
  4. Work with a designer
    Bridal designers over time have started infusing a few modest looks in their collections so search for one that has a masterpiece you like or let your creative juices flow and create your signature modest wedding dress sharing your ideas and details with him/her.
  5. Find a turban/hijab that matches your dress
    Your veil, headwrap is very important to your look whether you choose a headwrap (turban)or a hijab. You should decide on your wedding dress before going in search of a turban or headwrap.
  6. Choose your henna design
    Henna is a major part of your overall wardrobe so decide on your choice and it is beautifully drawn. You can source ideas and inspiration through Pinterest and have it pinned down.
  7. Makeup
    Makeup is an essential part of your overall bridal slay, Decide on what kind of makeup you want to go with. Choose something that works well with your skin tone and choice of clothing. Whether you want a flawless natural finish or a glamorous look your bridal beauty look must complement the bride’s entire appearance, and the bride is usually the center of attention and should definitely look her best every step of the way.
  8. Accessories
    Accessorizing your look bear in mind that it should be simple as you don’t want to go overboard with your jewelry or coral beads. You can choose a monochrome look or choose to infuse other colours in your overall slay.
  9. Be open-minded
    The final step to slaying your overall bridal look is to be open-minded and accept recommendations from friends, or your bridal team. To make things easier you could consider using a bridal stylist who cuts down your options and helps define your style.

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