10 Tips To Slay For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready to slay and serve looks for the special occasion. Lovers across the world go all out for this day planning special nights, moments that last for a lifetime, and memories forever. One important side to this is your wardrobe, clothing options. 

10 Tips To Slay For Valentine's DayWhether it’s your first date on Valentine’s day, the 2nd, or whatever number on your list of dates it is special and so you should look absolutely ravishing and stunning for it. Most Valentine dates come with something extra at the end it could be a proposal or even a special declaration of love from your partner to you. We know you are obsessing over your wardrobe right now looking for the perfect look for this special moment and we are here to help you make your decision a little easier with these slay tips.
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  1. Location of your date
    The location of your date will play a great role in how you show up for the special occasion. Is it something grand like a restaurant, a resort a curated experience, a movie date, or any other option? It’s either you choose to be casual, all glamorous or a nice blend of both so let your location determine your fashion choice.
  2. Your personal style
    Everyone has a personal style so no matter the location don’t dress too hard feeling uncomfortable and unlike yourself because you are trying to impress your date or partner. Be yourself, reflect your style and enjoy every moment of your date night.
  3. Start planning ahead 
    The earlier you start planning for your date the better you get at making the right choices. A week before bring out your clothes and pick out the dress you are most comfortable with that suits your date. If you need to shop for a dress or outfit start now comb through social media or head out to fashion stores to pick what you want.
  4. Accessorize and style your look
    Accessorize your look with minimal yet stunning and stylish jewelry pieces for women. For the men style your look with a simple bracelet, wristwatch. If you are a jewelry lover still keep it simple and stylish.
  5. Wear really comfortable and stylish shoes
    This is a very important point to note especially for women. You should choose a pair of heels that are comfortable for your time making it heels you can work in for hours. You don’t want a shoe that hurts your leg all day and ruins your moment.
  6. Be comfortable
    Comfort is key for a great night so while you put together your look make sure you are comfortable and can enjoy your whole time properly.
  7. Keep your makeup clean and flawless
    Give yourself a clean and flawless face beat for the day, you can throw in a pooping lipstick, eye shadow and give yourself a great look. Don’t go overboard with your makeup because you are trying to impress your date or partner.
  8. Don’t wear too much colour
    While pairing your outfit avoid too many colours looking like a rainbow or a colour wheel. Even if you are trying to appear stylish make sure you pair and combine colours that work and blend.
  9. Wear nice cologne
    There is no better compliment than smelling nice and enchanting everyone around you with the scent. A great cologne for the night, you can also layer up your scents and own up the space.
  10. Have a great night
    Enjoy your night and create beautiful memories because that is the best and greatest tip to slay valentine’s day.

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