5 Ways Of Preventing Damage To Your Wet Hair

Knowing how to protect your wet hair will prevent it from damaging. The texture of wet hair is usually tender, so serious care need to be given to it. There are certain things you should not do to your hair when it is wet. Keep reading to know.

Below are ways you can prevent your wet hair from damaging:

Wet Hair

1. Don’t go out in the cold with wet hair.

If it’s very cold outside, wet hair can actually freeze, which can cause breakage. To avoid this, make sure to get your hair reasonably dry before going out when it’s below freezing.

2. Swap out your cotton towel.

If you’re accustomed to wrapping your hair in a cotton towel, you may be causing damage to your hair without even knowing it. Try swapping out your towel for a microfiber one, which will be much gentler on wet hair.

Gently patting your hair with the towel instead of wrapping it will also help prevent damage.

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3. Avoid brushing wet hair.Hair

Hair is at its weakest and most vulnerable when it is wet, so avoid using your regular brush to detangle wet strands. Instead, separate your strands with your fingers, or if necessary, with a wide-toothed comb. This will cause much less damage to your hair.

4. Be careful with hair ties.

Tying your hair back with hair ties can also cause damage if you’re not careful. Be sure to choose the right kind of hair ties and try to keep your hair bands a little loose, especially when your hair is wet.

Never use rubber bands to tie back your hair, as these can cause a lot of damage.

Always use seamless ponytail holders to avoid snagging your hair.

You put a lot of stress on certain sections of your hair when you tie it up in the same style frequently. Try switching up your style frequently to avoid damage.

Hair ties cause even more damage to hair when it is very wet. Ideally, you should not use hair ties until your hair has dried at least somewhat. Tying up damp hair is fine. If you don’t have time to dry your hair at all, you may want to consider using clips and bobby pins to hold your hair back instead of elastic ties.

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