Sunday, May 19, 2024

    A Majestic Edo Bride!

    First of all, traditional weddings are exceptionally faceted with beauty and elegance. The bride is given the honor to flawlessly slay in a mechanical blend of colors, fashion and class. And for this one time, the bride always come prepared, not wanting to disappoint anybody or let down fashion trends.

    This Edo bride in particular has obeyed all fashion rules and decided to slam elegance in our faces, leaving us speechless as to what she has done with fashion and style for her big day.

    The off shoulder knee flared gown is simply the best fitting for her and couldn’t be worn any better. Coupled with the majestic head piece, the smokey facial glam and elegant coral beads which made her distinct amongst other brides.

    This Edo bridal look is an absolute vibe and we couldn’t help but share snaps with you.

    Photography: Breezng

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