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    A Muslim Wedding Killing The Word “Intimacy”

    Adjustig to the marriage life sometimes is not easy. The change takes a little time to become a reality, but the better part is it is a fun ride that everyone will be so willing to give a try.

    These love birds have been married for over a month now, and it is really sweet to read this caption from the wife;

    “A month down, a lifetime to go in sha Allah 🤍
    I’m really a wife, like wow. Some days I wake up & I still can’t believe it. It’s literally like a dream. But with every single day that passes, I feel happier and happier!! I’m truly humbled by it all & i just want to thank Allah.
    To my family, thank you for being there for me & for the role that you all played in this entire process. We would not have been able to do it without y’all 🤍
    To my bridesmaids/sisters, you girls don’t even know how much you all mean to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing circle but I am super grateful for each of you!! Honestly, I know I wasn’t the easiest bride to deal with & regardless, y’all were there to help me every step of the way!! Not to mention, you successfully surprised me numerous times & I still can’t get over it 😩 thank you for everything!! May God bless you beautiful girls!! I love y’all foreverever 🤍
    To my husband.. wow!! From a young age, I’ve always looked forward to marriage and anyone who knows me knows this! & although I wanted marriage, more importantly, I wanted marriage to the right person & I was willing to be patient for that reason. But I didn’t have to wait too long. From the moment I met you, you changed my life forever & it felt so unreal. Our conversations scared me because we were so much alike. Our vibes bounced off of eachother & I literally felt like I loved you as soon as we met. Everyone around me knows I would not shut up about you and even they could tell that this was something special from the very beginning. You’re such an amazing man. You came around & did everything that you said you would & much much more!! I thank Allah for you everyday and I pray that He continue to guide & protect us. You are every single thing I’ve ever wanted in a husband & you’ve made some of my biggest dreams come true already! This wasn’t luck, it’s fate. As stated in the Quran, we were created in pairs & there’s no doubt in my mind or heart that you are my pair. Soufiyane, I love you so much and I won’t ever stop ♾”

    SOURCE: Instagram

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