Monday, May 20, 2024

    A Tightly Embroidered Igbo Dress For An Elegant Bride

    For every traditional wedding attire, there is the simple look that is sophisticated and there is the extra look that makes people stop and stare. Whichever you choose to do is good, in as much as it communicates your personality and you are comfortable in it.

    This Igbo bride didn’t do much, she decided to give a simple and chic bridal inspiration. The sleeve caught our eyes and we are so loving the blend of fashion in this look.

    Putting different bits and pieces of fashion into a simple Igbo bridal attire is much work and deserves every attention it gets. Not to forget that the bride wore the tightly embroidered dress so graciously with the right body size, shape and height. The mid-way low bun hairstyle also looked really gorgeous on her with the beaded hair piece.

    We are totally in love with this style and we recommend it.

    SOURCE: Instagram

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