Achalugo!!!! This Igbo Bridal Beauty Look Is All Shades Of Classy

It is time to get traditional hitched to the love of your life and with so much excitement in your heart and for us, we are super excited about this new experience. As you prep for your traditional wedding ceremony, this Igbo bridal beauty look is simply alluring and words cannot describe the moment.

This bridal beauty look is perfect for every Igbo bride who loves to shine through her culture and heritage. Let’s talk about the amazing face beat by the Makeup artiste who chose a clean face beat for the muse and allowed her glow to shine through. She came through with the stylish hairstyle that was heavily beaded with coral beads depicting royalty and queening. The Isi-Agu attire has a modern twist to it as a two-piece that looked perfectly well on her.
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Photo Credit: amyhair_official