#AnambaraVs21 Vendors Came Together And Threw A Fake Igbo Traditional Wedding

Greetings to all our Igbo clans across the globe. The Igbo traditional wedding ceremonies are an essential part of marriage rites for anyone from the eastern part of Nigeria. There is so much pride and joy when a man and a woman get married traditionally as culture, tradition is fully represented.
Vendors Came Together And Threw A Fake Igbo Traditional Wedding

Different vendors came together in Anambra state to organize a fake Igbo traditional wedding and it was beautifully delivered. The vendors planned from the bride to the groom, the attire, the decor representing the Igbo culture in full display. The bride is known to appear three times in three different attires, our bridal model is also seen appearing with three different attires.
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The bride’s first look was a short Ankara gown with traditional beads around her neck and on her hair while holding a horsetail. She changed into a black gold-laced velvet gown with black gele, the groom also wore a gold-laced velvet outfit and royal cap to match his bride. And for their final appearance, the bride rocked a green lace while the groom rocked a white senator giving us the traditional Igbo look.

The vendors certainly delivered on this one and we must applaud them for bringing this idea to life. For our brides and grooms to be this is a great inspiration to plan your big day and we cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle in your full traditional attire.
Here are lovely photos from the fake Igbo traditional wedding
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