Anabelle Shares All There Is To Know About Her Traditional Wedding In Ghana

Ghanaian weddings are an absolute beauty to look at, especially their colourful traditional outfits, popularly referred to as Kente. Everything about the kente is beautiful, from its intrinsic designs to its amazing splash of harmonious colours, never been to a Ghanaian wedding? attend one! When asked about the her traditional wedding and its highlight, recent Ghanaian bride Anabelle shared that:

“The entire journey from when we decided to get married, the planning, contacting vendors and making decisions, the disagreements we had at some point! Every single thing. having my first gown fitting and then our first dance together as a couple!!

She continued by adding that: “Saturday 15th December 2018 was the best day of our lives! We had so much fun! We actually released some dance moves at the reception we never knew existed and we are finally excited to live our lives together as Mr & Mrs”.

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