How To Slay Effortlessly With Ankara Styles

If you have been struggling with how to slay in your latest Ankara styles, then it is time to get a little tutorial. It is not so difficult to ace your game when you are trying to figure out how to boldly step out in your Ankara style

The first rule to slaying in Ankara is to know your body size and how well clothes fit you. It would be a disaster trying to make styles that wont fit your body size. Always know what works for you. The next thing to consider is the pattern and colour of the material to be used. Sometimes certain patterns make you look fatter or slimmer as opposed to the actual picture had in mind. Another thing to note is what you have on ground to complement the Ankara style. Check out for the relevant accessories and matching details that would perfectly fit the style to be brought to life. When you have successfully gone through these processes then you can boldly own your style and slay away.
Photo Credit: Getty