Top 3 Trending Bridal Shower Ideas For The Bride To Be And Her Squad

Bridal shower parties are fast becoming a thing now, It is one of the most important events for the bride to be and her friends because it gives them an avenue to celebrate their friend before she eventually becomes married.

Whether it’s a traditional bridal shower or an adventurous bachelorette event its important for the bridesmaid to plan and give the bride to be a befitting event. We all know planning such could be quite tasking that’s why we’ve come up with three interesting ideas to make the planning process a very easy one for the bridesmaid.
1. Pajamas themed party: There is nothing as fun or interesting as a bridal sleepover, it makes the bride feel totally loved by her friends. This kind of event is usually held at the chief bridesmaid apartment, to create a relaxing atmosphere and to save money or a conducive environment will do. Take along with you your sexiest nighties, make sure you shower the bride with an intimate body and bath gifts, that will be useful for her while on honeymoon. Watch interesting movies, listen to loud music and just enjoy the night!
2. Vintage Themed Bridal Party: Who doesn’t love vintage?  They have been the newest fashion trend in recent times and the vintage is definitely staying. For a bridal shower, the bride and her friends would be decked in very nice vintage tops or dresses, whichever they decide to go with. This would be worn with shirts and sneakers. Hairs nicely packed, makeup is done and it’s a hit. There are many more themes. All that is needed is a little creativity and determination. Here you have it, ladies, if perhaps you need a few more tips, kindly leave a comment.
3. Ankara Themed Bridal Party: This bridal theme is fun, beautiful and stress-free. The perfect Ankara would make this shower successful or contribute to its failure, so it is important to get a great fabric. The participants in the shower get at least 2 yards each of the material. They are either mandated to make a specific style(like a top and bum short) or they can make anything they like. The bride gets to wear a dress made from the beautiful Ankara. This bridal theme promises great photos and everlasting memories.
Photo Credit: Getty