Avant-Garde Hair Is Goals! Don’t Play Safe Brides, Purple Is The New Black

Brides, no more playing safe with your bridal hair, this inspiration proves you can go ahead and have your hair in whatever colour and style you want and still look smashing beautiful in it. It’s not about conforming with this look, about being unique and standing out. It is beautiful, attention-grabbing and definitely very fitting for any daring bride. We are so in love again with purple hair and hairstyle, its the in gorgeous. The stylist explained how they see this hair they shared that:

“The ‘AVANT-GARDE BRIDE’ is an artistic, experimental, unpredictable, stylish and extraordinary bride that embraces her futuristic sense of beauty and owns it. She expresses her taste for high fashion beauty and carries it so elegantly. She is daring and becomes the highlight of her big day.

Photo Credit: Solange Hair and Beauty