Beautiful Lipstick Ideas for Every Type of Bride

The right lipstick makes a beautiful bride. If you are looking for a statement bridal lip, it is not as simple as choosing your best colour.

Here are bold lipstick ideas for every type of bride:

1. True Red

The red-coloured lipstick is a sexy, cool-toned scarlet. Since red can be fussy when kissing is involved, liquid lipstick is preferable.

2. Peach

Peach is the equivalent of a nude lip with champagne. It is a little bubblier, a little brighter, and a little sweeter. A great way to wear peach is in a satin or glossy finish, which also makes your lips look super full and healthy.

3. Chocolate

A deep chocolate red has a vintage flair, and this look goes well with just a hint of flirty kitten-eye liner.

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4. Orchid

If you are more about the good, happy times, a playful orchid pink is the lipstick that is perfect for you.

5. Rose Petal Pink

Rose petal pink lispstick says ‘bride’ all over it. It just so beautiful on every type of bride.

6. Plum

This adds a chic appearance to your overall look.

7. Cocoa

A milky chocolate cocoa, is a beautiful bold update to nude lipstick.

8. Fuchsia

This goes well when paired with clean, dewy skin and a simple slip-dress at a beach wedding.

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