15 Ways To Beautify Your Hair With Senegalese Twists

You can create different styles with Senegalese twists to look gorgeous. These hairstyles also protect your hair from damage and they add more beauty to your look.

Check out these 15 ways to style your hair with Senegalese twists:

1. Senegalese Twist With a Deep Side Part

This is a quick and easy way to wear your twist braid style. Just create a deep side part and you are good to go. It also lasts longer and makes you look bright instantly.

2. Twisted Half-Up Do

This style is timeless for all occasions. Rock your twists in a half-updo and a half-down style.

3. Senegalese Twist Bun

If you want to go on a sassy look, style your twists in a high twisted bun. It is a beautiful simple hairstyle. Make sure you do not pull your edges too tight.

4. Swept Up Senegalese Twists

To create this style, you have to pack up your long twists to the back and some to the sides and you have a complete look.

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5. Medium Sized Twists

This style does not take long to make. Curl them towards the end using hot water to make them more interesting.

6. Side Part Twists

This style is best to flaunt your bold makeup. Part your twists on the side and pack them to the left.

7. Brown Senegalese Twists

To create this style, put up half of the front section into a loosely twisted bun and the rest flowing to the front of your shoulder.

8. Crochet Senegalese Twist

If you do not have so much time to spend in the saloon, but want to look good, then go for this style. Just let your hair stylist crochet your Senegalese twists and you will be up and about in half the time.

9. Senegalese Twist Cornrows

You can also have your Senegalese twists in cornrows. It looks amazing and it is fast to make.

10. Senegalese Twist Ponytail

Whether short, long, or crocheted, holding your Senegalese twists in a ponytail is a great style for you to try out.

11. Accessorized Senegalese Twists

Just put those golden cuffs, rings, and all your braid accessories to use and this will add more beauty to your hairstyle.

12. Swept Up Twists

You can rock this style for as long as you want and you will still look gorgeous in it.

13. Senegalese Twists with Crown

Beautify yourself with these double-toned twists loosely held into a crown.

14. Bob Twists

Bob twists are preferable for a warm weather or for a person who cannot sit for too long to get their hair done.

15. Half-Up Half-Down Senegalese Twists

For an edgy look, pack up half of those twists into a loose twist bun and leave the rest flowing to one side of your shoulder.

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