6 Low Cut Hairstyles For Natural Hair

It is often argued that women look more appealing when their hair is made or well arranged.Hair cut

When your hair looks great, it adds to your beauty and attracts more attention. Just like a long hairstyle, there is a whole lot of options for those that want to go for a short haircut.

Big Chop Haircut
A brave and bold look for sure, it’s one that literally resets a world of damage to your hair. you’re giving your scalp a chance to breathe, and the hair to grow naturally and gradually again.

Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)
One of the best short natural haircut. As the name suggests, this short natural haircut involves keeping your afro as short as possible. The sides are trimmed with a clean line cutting through the origin of the fade.

The mohawk style has been trending for quite a long time. This haircut requires you to get a trim on both sides of your head leaving the top part. The top can be tiny curls or just left freely.

Tapered Hair cut
The good thing about tapered short natural haircuts is that it works well with any hair; natural, texturized or even curly. Both sides of your head are trimmed short to achieve a fade effect.

The Shaved Head
If you’re feeling brave, a completely shaved head can be a powerful and liberating hairstyle. It’s a statement look that requires confidence and a bold sense of style.

TWA with Shaved Sides
When going back to basics and opting for these short natural hairstyles for black women, make sure you have a chat with a good stylist. You’re going to want a cut that will accentuate your looks, not overcome it. Your face shape, skin tone and state / style of your natural hair will all need to be taken into account before you can decide on a definitive new look.

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