Sunday, May 19, 2024

    Bridal Hairspiration: This Ridge Inspired Hair Is The Stunning Extra Your Bridal Hair Aspire To Be

    One thing we love to push as Koko brides is breaking boundaries and being different but in a good way. This is exactly what attracted us to this bridal hairstyle, it’s unique and extremely beautiful. Your bridal hair should and must transcend beyond the basic hairstyles most brides rock on their wedding day, especially if your aim is to stand out, and in the spirit of standing out, we bring you this ridge hairstyle. According to Tobbies Touch, this bridal hairstyle is: “…inspired by ridges. The style is for a bride that is classy and a bit edgy. If you also happen to love nature, you’ll definitely have an eye for this look.” Photo Credit: wales_visuals

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