Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    Mesmerizing Efik Bridal Inspiration

    The Efik culture is very unique and different in a beautiful way, when you see an Efik traditional wedding attire you can always differentiate it from other traditional wedding attire because of its unique designs, its eye-catching colors, and its beautiful cultural display. Rep your culture with this mesmerizing Efik bridal Inspiration. Efik people are among the most ancient inhabitants of southern Nigeria. They originate from the Ibibio who crossed the river coast to the east and called themselves “Efik” which means “to oppress”. This stunning Efik bride is representing her culture. Onyonyo is traditional wear used for weddings, it’s a long, flowing dress that looks like a gown and makes the bride look like a true queen.
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    The attire is balanced with lovely accessories on her arms, and specific hairstyles that look like real crowns on her head. To top off this look the bride is accessorized with coral beads and a royalty staff. Her face beat is the perfect blend of nudity to fit her traditional look. Photo Credit: Instagram

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