Look Like Royalty In This Vibrant Ghanaian Bridal Beauty Look

The Ghanaian tribe is rich in culture and colour and a major part of the tribe is the wedding ceremony where the couple steps out in their colourful traditional attire looking royalty and dripping in finesse. The bride is a major focus on this day and this Ghanaian bridal beauty look is just perfect for the ceremony.

Vibrant Ghanaian Bridal Beauty LookThe Ghanaian bridal attire is such a stylish piece and she is usually clothed in a flattering, strapless white dress layered under a Kente wrapper. Gold jewellery is lavishly draped around her neck, as well as her traditional crown-like bridal headgear (a.k.a Tekua in Ghana) and she is defined as the queen that she is waiting on her king to take her home.
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The makeup was a clean and flawless one with the addition of a bold nude lipstick that made the lips pop and brought out her rich melanin flawless skin. To our darling Ghanaian brides, this Ghanaian bridal beauty look is one that you should pin down ahead of your big day.
Photo Credit: luxetiqueafropavo

Photo Credit: luxetiqueafropavo