The 4 Commandments Every Chief Bridesmaid Must Know

A wedding is one of the most important day in the life of a bride, but the day will not be complete without the effort of the chief bridesmaid who can be termed as the assistant bride

Below are the four commandments that every bridesmaid must strictly abide

Thou must have an emergency bride kit
As a bridesmaid, you should have an emergency bride kit. The kit should contain sewing instruments, mints, a safety pin, tampons, painkillers, rubber bands, and a handkerchief. A bridesmaid should be able to quickly address any situation that deals with helping the bride remain comfortable and beautiful on her big day. An emergency bride kit is personal and can contain more than the listed items above
Thou must keep the bride relaxed at all times
Most brides have nervous breakdowns and cold frets few hours to the wedding and it is the job of a chief bridesmaid to help her relax her nerves either by relaxing pills or relaxing words. It gets better if the chief bridesmaids is the closest friend of the bride, fun memories can be reminisced to make her laugh which also calms her down
Thou must Organize a Great Bridal Shower
As a bridesmaid it’s a duty as the assistant bride to plan the last “party as a spinster” for the bride making it memorable and enjoyable. It involves planning with a few friends to make her feel safe and loved. It should also be done with the brides preference in mind so as to make her feel comfortable.
Thou must help the Bride get dressed
Unlike every other day, getting ready is done individually and without little or no serious effort, the wedding day requires al lot of attention from the undergarments to the main outfit of the bride and the accessories. The chief bridesmaid must be ready to assist the bride in getting dressed, this makes it  faster and helps to keep things easy for the bride.

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