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    African Beauty: A Zulu Bridal Makeup

    There is no doubt that Africans are truly bestowed with beauty, especially an African bride who is getting ready to tie the knot with the love of her life. South African’s are well known for their love of culture and tradition and this is notwithstanding the joy that comes with showcasing their beliefs. A Zulu bridal makeup definitely goes hand in hand with a Zulu traditional attire.
     Zulu Bridal Makeup

    A Zulu belongs to one of the major tribes in South Africa with the largest ethnic group. A traditional Zulu wedding is called “umabo”, the Zulu bride is dressed up in a leather skirt called isidwaba, an isicwaya that is skin to cover her chest. The bride is accessorized with a colorful beaded necklace and bracelets to improve the appearance of her outfit.
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    Here is a beautiful Zulu bride rocking her ceremonial attire with flawless Zulu bridal makeup that defines her features.

    Photo Credit: @valiant_beauty

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