Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    #Becomingmrsjay; Lilian Introduces Jonathan

    When Jonathan was going to propose to Lilian, he made her believe he doesn’t fancy surprise proposals, but apparently, he was leading her on so she’d be clueless as to how he’d bend the knee.

    So YuBee made me believe surprise proposal is NONSENSE🤣 and he will never be a part of it. I literally know his every move and don’t know why i thought he could never surprise me 🧐. Ahh ahnn Hard geh like me nauu 😎😎 Still on cloud9 from this moment😩. The easiest question I’ve ever answer. A million times YES without hesitation 🙈🥰🥰” Lilian wrote.

    Three weeks later, Lilian introduced the love of her life to her family and we just love the pace at which their love is moving. Obviously, this duo can’t wait to spend eternity together.

    SOURCE: Instagram

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