Picking The Best Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

There are different skin tones – cool, warm and neutral. Knowing this can help you choose the right hair colour that is perfect for you.

However, different colours of hair are best for your skin tone. The tips below will guide you in choosing the best colour for your skin tone.

Choose a shade of blond that contrasts your undertones

Choose a colour that contrasts, rather than matches, your skin tone. This will ensure that you do not look washed out.

Neutral undertones can work with any shade.

Brown hair colour can look great with any complexion, and it’s a lot easier to get the right shade.

  • Warm undertones look best with ashy browns.
  • Cool undertones look great with rich browns. Look for chocolate, and mocha browns.
  • If you have a deep skin tone, look for a shade of brown that is either darker or lighter than your skin color, rather than one that is too similar. Warmer undertones will look great with deep blacks or espresso colors, while cooler tones will come alive with colors like toffee or maple brown.
  • Neutral undertones can rock any shade of brown.

If you pick the right shade of red, any complexion can wear it well. However, light skin most easily glows with a red shade.

Those with pale skin and warm or neutral undertones can best wear light reds like strawberry blond.

Pale skin with red undertones can look great with cool, dark reds like true red or dark auburn.

Cool undertones also look great with dark auburn shades, no matter if your complexion is light, medium, or deep.

If you have olive undertones, it’s best to avoid reds, as they can make your skin look greenish.

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