Aso Ebi Style: Two-Toned Aso Oke Combinations That Are Absolutely Breathtaking

Two-toned aso okes are currently the traditional wedding outfit rave. Either a complete two-toned aso oke iro and buba or a simple gele and “ipele”, this aso oke fabric colour has a unique beauty to it. Before now, the aso oke outfit trend was either a beaded fabric, with pearls or toned, but with more creativity and a constant need to stand out, the two-toned aso oke fabric was birthed. This rave was first unveiled by a DeolaSagoe bride and since then, every Nigerian bride wants to sport one at their traditional wedding. Not limited to the brides alone, Nigerian wedding guests now rock two-toned aso oke gele to complement their aso ebi styles, and it’s absolutely stylish! Below are some lovely two-toned aso oke combos that we adore… Photo Credit: Getty