DIY: Five Steps On How To Make The Perfect Bridal Flower Hoop Wreath

The flower hoop wreath is now a common trend at every Nigerian wedding, the bride, the bridesmaids, the flowers girls are now all jumping on the wave. And why not? The flower hoop wreath is an adorable wedding bouquet option. Rather than carrying the conventional bunch of flowers all tied into one, unconventional and stylish brides are opting for the hoop wreath. Not limited to the brides alone, this adorable flower option is also rocked by the bridesmaids, not limited to the chief bridesmaid, or the flowers girls and many more. Although the flower hoop wreath is not that expensive, as an experimental bride or a generous maid of honour, you can opt for the DIY version of the flower for the Big Day. And that’s why we are here, to guide you rightly on that path. Below are the five steps on how to make the perfect bridal flower hoop wreath. 

Get a macrame Hoop or Any Circular item that fits: This is very vital in the flower hoop wreath making process. The macrame hoop can be in any colour that you favour, they although mostly come in gold, you can have them sprayed to any colour you choose. Or better still, wrap them up with ribbons. The size of the hoop should also be determined as a big hoop does not really go well for the flower wreath.

Obtain the flowers you want to use: After getting the hoop, this is another important process, you have to get the flowers you need to use for the wreath. You can go for natural flowers, although this is not advisable as they may wither away with time. A synthetic flower would last you for the next wedding or at least the person you would be giving the wreath too. Get flowers in the colours that you like, but make sure that they are in variety. Green Long-stemmed and rose is a perfect choice.

Place the long stem flowers first: The long stem flower of your choice goes in first. Trim the excesses you do not want to keep from the flowers and have them neatly wrapped around the hoop. Placing the flower might be a bit of a daunting task, so the best option is to get a wire wrap to safely secure the flower in place. You can also opt for a green ribbon if a wire wrap would be a bit difficult to obtain

Attach Your Rose Flowers: These bring the beauty to the wreath party, they are simply gorg. Attaching the rose flowers might be a bit tricky, as there are no stems to attach them to the hoop. This is easily solved with glue. Add some glue to the flower and attach it to the wreath. Ribbon away!: At this stage, a typical flower wreath is complete. But if you want to add more drama to the wreath then you should add ribbons, either to the hoop or on the flowers as seen in this pictures. Photo Credit: Getty