Exchanging Vows Amidst Magical Garden Setting; 5 Garden Nuptial Tips To Note

Dear Bride and Groom-to-be, It is good news to know and be certain that you’re getting married to the love of your life soon, but it is better news to be sure of the kind of location you want for your wedding and to know that it is achievable.

Planning a Garden wedding is not out of this world and 100% achievable if certain things are put into proper consideration and paid utmost attention to.

A garden wedding is an outdoor wedding that requires some extra effort, planning and arrangement to make it come through.

Having your big day in a floral setting, serene and breezy is definitely a dream come through for you as couples about to get married.

However, taking note of these 5 things when planning your desired Garden wedding will definitely sweep your guests off their feet.

1. Location: You want to pick a place that is beautiful and with pleasant sight for your big day, so ensure you check and double check your location. Having a garden wedding means a verdant location with green grass everywhere underneath your feet, giving you that refreshing feel of nature. Also, you want to make sure the location has enough landmass to accommodate all your guests.

2. Weather: A garden wedding means an outdoor wedding and an outdoor wedding means weather check. Be sure your wedding date corresponds with mother nature before you book your wedding space. And just for emergency, you could have backup plans for canopies, umbrellas and pop up tents in case mother nature decides to tweak the weather a little bit.

3. Accessibility: Dear Bride and Groom-to-be, you don’t want your guests to be all worked up while trying to locate your wedding venue. Ensure your venue is easily accessible and locatable to all.

4. Decors: Although you are surrounded with natural splendor, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress your set to your taste or pleasure. Having extra flowers, chandeliers and similar wedding decorative props would make your set look prettier and alluring.

5. Be aesthetically wise: It is not just about going through your big day with smiles, happiness, joy, laughter and dance with your family, friends and well wishers but having those memories retained in good pictorial layouts. You want to make sure your wedding space and decor is fit for remarkable photography sessions.

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