Rethinking Veils? See 5 Types Of Bridal Veils And How To Wear Them

In this recent time, some women sees the idea of wearing a veil for their big day as being too conservative. The daring bride do not want to be restricted by “cliche” coverings on her wedding day, and we perfectly understand. However, contrary to the popular opinion that veils have to be unstylish or restrictive, there are different veils that you can choose from that would definitely complement and vamp up your wedding day style. 

Birdcage Veil: This veil is perfect for brides who are not impressed with long traditional veils. This veil is perfect when paired with a bold lip option and accessories. You can also create a vintage retro kind of look with this veil, especially when paired with the right accessories.

Shoulder Length Veil:  This veil gives the effect of a conservative veil, yet still allowing you free movement. It is fun and playful and a nice option for brides who do not want to be bothered with veil length. It doesn’t cover up the intricate designs on your gown yet doesn’t steal the attention from your look. 

Juliet Cap: This Shakespearean looking veil is perfect when trying to create a dramatic historical look. This type of veil option should be the go-to veil for women who would rather let their hair down that arrange them in a bun or any other style.

Waltz Veil: Yes! the waltz or the ballet veil is our favourite type of veil. Torn between the option of a long veil and a short veil, the waltz veil is your go-to choice. Amazing for the dance floor yet creating that lovely effectt a long veil would also project. One more goodnews, they are perfect for any hair styles;

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Chapel and Cathedral Veil: The only difference between the chapel and the cathedral veil is the length. They both are longer than floor length, however, where a chapel veil is stopping just a little away from the floor, a cathedral veil goes all the way down, as long as you want it. They both gives a dramatic and attention snatching effect. 

Chapel veil