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    Bridal DIY: 6 Easy Steps On How To Get The Perfect At-Home Bridal Pedicure

    Soon-to-be-bride and on a low budget but is interested in having those good looking feet you see on magazine covers for your big day? Or maybe not running on a budget, maybe a bride who’s schedule is too tight to squeeze out space for feet pampering, or the i-can-totally-do-it-myself-bride, then this step by step bridal DIY pedicure is for you.

    Yes, we know we added bridal to the pedicure, but a bridal pedicure is just like any other kind of pedicure, except that it is for your big day, hence the “bridal”.

    Before going into the nitty-gritty of nail polishing and all that, first you pamper your feet and nails.

    Step 1: Get Your Nail Polish Remover

    Remove any nail polish you have on your nails with a nail polish remover and a cotton pad. If you don’t have any nail polish on your toenails, you should still use the remover regardless as this would help to remove excess oil from your nails and enable smooth applying of your perfect nail polish

    Step 2: Bring The Spa Home Baby!

    Fill your tub or a small bucket that your feet can completely fit in with warm water and bath salt. This salt will help to soften your feet, while the warm water will enable effective washing of the feet

    Step 3: Its Time To Exfoliate Your Feet

    Scrub your feet with a pumice stone to remove all the dead skin cells on them, after which you rinse off with warm water or body wash and then warm water. You can also use lemon, baking soda and turmeric to help remove dark knuckles and also even out your feet skin tone.

    Step 4: Massage Those Trotter

    Massaging your feet with coconut or any other essential oil is of importance after the spa. Coconut oils are known to contain Vitamin E which helps to revitalize the skin, so massaging your feet with this oil is definitely going to them a whole world of good.

    Step 5: File And Scrape Your Toe Nails

    Achieve desired toenail length and shape with a nail trimmer. First file and buff the corners of your toenails to make them smooth.

    Step 6: Apply Clear Nail Polish/Topcoat

    Clean your toenails again with nail polish remover before applying the topcoat. Applying clear nail polish will help add the perfect shine to your toenails, giving it a beautiful look. However, if you would prefer to apply a coloured polish at this juncture, then apply one on your nails after which you add the topcoat to help harden the nail polish and also give it a beautiful shiny look.

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