Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Bridal Inspiration For Fulani Brides

    Every bride deserves to look perfect and flawless for her big day and finding the right pieces that fit is usually a great hassle with brides wondering what colour and make up will work perfectly for them. Picking and putting this together will require a lot of help so we found the perfect inspiration for our darling Arewa beauties.

    For the Inspiration shoot the team stuck to the typical and traditional blue attire which worked perfectly with the skin tone of the muse. Her dress was covered with stunning and priceless jewelries giving her a regal and elegant feel. Her beautifully done Henna caught our attention and we are in love with the art.

    The makeup was perfectly and flawlessly done with the red Lippie sticking out and giving her a daring and sexy look. We think this is a perfect inspiration for Hausa Brides ready to walk down the aisle.

    Photo Credit: Msasryam Booth

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