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    Tips On How To Choose The Best Clothes According To Your Skin Tone

    Some clothes look better on you than others. Different factors should be considered when choosing the best clothes for yourself. One of those factors is knowing your skin tone type.

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    Your skin tone is a determining factor of how a particular cloth or colour will look on you. So make sure you pay attention to the type of skin tone you have – it could be warm, cool, or neutral.

    The tips below will guide you on how to choose the best clothes according to your skin tone.

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    People with warm undertones should try neutrals, like beige, cream, orangey-coral, mustard, off-white, yellow, orange, brown, warm red, and yellow-greens.

    • Incorporate gold and bronze into your look, especially when choosing jewelry.

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    People with cool undertones should try blue-red, blue, purple, pink, green, plum, navy, magenta, and blue-green.

    Look for silver shades in your clothing and choose silver jewelry.

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    If you have neutral undertones, you can draw from both groups. Most shades will flatter your skin.

    You can wear any metallic colour when you have neutral undertones, including when choosing jewelry.

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