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    Dark Smokey Eyes Wedding Makeup For Black Brides

    One of the trendy brown skin black bride’s makeup is a smokey eye, especially because of their gradients.

    They go from dark to medium and light shades which blend to form a contoured, dramatic, and romantic look. If your wedding has an enchanted theme, it is coastal.

    READ ALSO: 17 Bridal Beauty Looks To Consider For Your Traditional Wedding Party To achieve a dramatic dark smokey eye, combine shimmery nude with thick winged eyeliner and blend into a darker shade for a smooth finish.

    READ ALSO: Prince Johann-Wenzel of Liechtenstein Marries Countess Felicitas von Hartig In Beautiful Vienna Church Ceremony However, the classic black smokey look uses darker eyeshadow shades across your entire lids. Then blend upward into a lighter color near the brow bone for a smooth finish. This method brings your eye forward and makes it wider instead of sending them into your head. Dark smokey eyes for black skin do well in tones like black, gray, chocolate, and deep gold colors.

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