Dark Yummy Goodness!!! This Flawless Ghana Bridal Beauty Look Is Giving All The Feels

African weddings are a huge deal and one thing you will notice at every wedding is the beautiful display of culture and tradition. Ghanaian traditional weddings are a big deal and the bride is the cynosure of all eyes at this special ceremony as she makes her way in her regal, alluring traditional attire.

Ghana Bridal Beauty Look Is Giving All The FeelsA Ghanian bride is usually wrapped in a beautiful kente, and accessorized with gold Aggrey beads all over the body and a Tekua a traditional crown-like headdress that gives the bride a royal feel and appearance. This Ghanaian bridal makeup enhances the beauty of the bride and her accessories help to define the rich culture.

The face beat comprises a nude look with gold eyes and glossy lips that can sit well on the face of the muse showing off her rich melanin. To our darling Ghanaian brides, this Ghanaian bridal beauty look is one that you should pin down ahead of your big day.
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Photo Credit: el_max_shot_it