Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Dear Bride-to-be, Accessories make Everything Better; You Need that Head Piece To Beam!

    Sometimes, you need that seemingly minute extra piece of accessory to stand out and look really nice and spiffy on your big day.

    When it comes to bridal glam and style, minimalism is the new trend but being a little extra with your accessories is still permissible. Play around with some accessories, have fun with getting ready to walk down the aisle with the love of your life. It is your day, you want to get as much attention as you desire. So get ready to tie the knot in a really special and stunning style.

    However, when it comes to accessorizing, you don’t want to overdo it. You could go for two or three accessories, depending on your style and choice.

    Head piece amplifies your beauty and makes your hairstyle look more gorgeous and pretty. It is a jewelry for your head that serves as a decoration, making you look more elegant and stunning. You could use the head piece to complete your traditional or your modern wedding bridal look.

    The Igbo, Edo, Efik and other traditional brides asides the Yoruba bride (who do more of “Gele”) are known for head pieces. Without their head piece, their look is incomplete. For them, it is an essential part of the bridal look that cannot be overlooked and also part of their tradition.

    Consequently, your hairstyle one way or the other determines the kind of head piece you’d use. So you should consider your hair style before you pick your head piece.

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