Dear Bride to be, This Modern Igbo Bridal Look Was Made Just For You

We love the Igbo culture for an endless number of reasons for its vibrancy, beauty, and every other thing but one thing that we can’t get over is an Igbo bridal look as a maiden makes the way to find the love of her life. Every bride loves to look their best as they prep for their big day and pay homage to their culture in their stunning and glamorous traditional attire.

Igbo Bridal Look Was Made Just For You This beauty look is everything that we can imagine from the well-tailored attire to the gorgeous hairstyle, the makeup, and the coral accessories that define regal and opulence the muse embodied a true Igbo bride. The makeup was clean and pristine one that showed off the flawless skin of the bride and allowed her glow to shine through.
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Her hair was done in a nice up hairdo and accessorized with lovely coral beads which also adorned her neck, wrist. For our Igbo brides to be this look is a hit and you should pin it down ahead of your big day.

Photo Credit: ddanielstouch