Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    Dear Bride-To-Be, Your Hair Is Your Pride, Adorn It Well!

    Part of what makes you completely stunning on your big day is your hairstyle. The hair is the woman’s pride, when properly done and styled, it becomes her unique center of attraction.

    Either for your white wedding ceremony or traditional wedding ceremony, wearing the hair that fit adds to your beauty and sense of fashion. Not all hairstyle will match your outfit, use of accessories and the likes.

    Hairstyles for traditional weddings needs extra attention and effort, especially for brides that are non-Yorubas. For a Yoruba bride, she need not concern herself with a particular hairstyle because of her Gele. But for other Nigerian Traditional brides that Gele isn’t part of their traditional outfit, then their hairstyle must speak utmost royalty.

    This is the case because the hair would be adorned with different hair beading, headpieces and sometimes, a beaded crown or hat, which calls for the appropriate hairstyle.

    Here are some traditional hairstyles that you can make for your traditional wedding.

    SOURCE: Getty

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