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    Ditch Your Gele And Rock These Unique Aso Oke Headband

    The world of wedding fashion is ever-evolving and every day we spot new trends that we certainly would love to try or should jump on ASAP. Gele’s are an integral part of our wedding fashion and without it our wedding slay is considered incomplete. Many women struggle with this headgear especially when it comes to trying it on their head or the headache that it brings after being on your head for a long while so creatives have discovered something new that is easy and painless called the Aso Oke headband.

    Ditch Your Gele And Rock These Unique Aso Oke HeadbandThe Aso Oke headband is the new Gele technique women are embracing for its easy and painless process. This style can be created into what you need to be embellished with beads, stone and buttons, and other things that you would love to add to spice things up. With this headband all, you need to do is wear it on your head and you are good to go with no pain in the ear or on your head.

    This style is cost-effective because all you need to create this Aso Oke headband is a small piece of Aso Oke fabric, Harley’s band, Glue, embellishment, etc. Dear brides and wedding guests choose the alternative style and explore your uniqueness.
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